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The Unity Jazz Foundation  Inc (UJFI) is a Federal and State registered non-profit 501c3 organization inspired for the education of jazz and music students, advancement of jazz musicians, enrichment of jazz enjoyment for the general public and promotion of jazz in our communities. We provide a culturally diverse environment that brings together outstanding performers and teachers along with students and listeners to expand and preserve the legacy of jazz.

The core belief of this organization is that music education is not only a good outlet for students, but can also improve other areas of their lives in a fun, creative atmosphere. These include but are not limited to: inspiring creative thinking, improving studying disciplines, boosting problem solving skills, building social concepts, and instilling confidence in each student. Jazz in particular amplifies these skills as Jazz riffs and the ability to improv solos to add to a song are a vital core to the genre; requiring the basics to be mastered in a faster time period in order to be given the freedom to dive into problem solving with tunes, improving based on audience reactions, and gaining confidence with each performance. 

Your kids will adore the fun atmosphere and in-depth learning given at the Unity Jazz Foundation. 

The Unity Jazz Foundation Inc (UJFI) host major events, performances, forums, master classes, workshops, community interaction while awarding endowments and scholarships to students of music who show skill set, apptitude, and a general appreciation for the art of Jazz and Music. 

In our effort to preserve the American Jazz Art Form and support  school music programs, UJF partners with artists, corporations, foundations, sponsors, agencies, and ALL individuals who share our ideology and goals.

Join us September 24, 2023
Photo Gallery

Thanks for supporting us through the years. Scroll to see photos from your favorite events. 

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